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“Down to the Wild Blue Yonder” Recipient of Bewildering Stories’ Annual Review Awards Edition

Bewildering Stories’ Annual Review, 2017 “Down to the Wild Blue Yonder” has been selected for Bewildering Stories Mariner Awards edition. These stories, poems, essays and dramatic works are judged to be the years’ “best of the best” by Bewildering‘s editors. … Continue reading

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By Order

My name is Vantu.  I am a composite man, a cyborg from a family of ignorant tradesmen toiling for bread in Region Three, where the tortured ground took less radiation and disease than other places during the Thousand Years’ Horror … Continue reading

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Fool’s Errand

“You came here to kill God?” Pastor Hasan Abidi asked the crazy question with the posed nonchalance of a man who knew when to keep cool.  The unstable giant standing on the other side of his desk in the office … Continue reading

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Sci-unce is Stoopid

Dusted this one off because I just got a meme claiming the Catholic church is now more scientifically advanced than the Republican party because Pope Francis agrees with President Obama about global warm… excuse me, climate change.  Take that, Neanderthals!  … Continue reading

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