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H. P. Lovecraft: Where Imagination Leads

Originally posted on Glass Planet:
One Christmas not so long ago my oldest daughter gave me two books; a New King James Bible and The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s not every day that you get such a delicious…

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Principles of Psalm Singing There have been many questions and a few objections to the article on why the whole church should sing psalms.  In todays  follow-up article we look at the main objections and then at some further practical principles to help … Continue reading

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A Revolutionary Question for the Evangelical Church (and the Participants at the “Sing” Conference) There is a wonderful conference going on just now in Nashville – one that I would dearly love to be at! This could also be a revolutionary conference which may have a catalysing effect upon the whole American church. … Continue reading

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Gone Is Gone

I didn’t respect my dad until it was too late. I didn’t give him a hard time or ignore all his advice or completely fail to appreciate how hard he worked to keep a roof over our heads. I didn’t … Continue reading

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“Down to the Wild Blue Yonder” Recipient of Bewildering Stories’ Annual Review Awards Edition

Bewildering Stories’ Annual Review, 2017 “Down to the Wild Blue Yonder” has been selected for Bewildering Stories Mariner Awards edition. These stories, poems, essays and dramatic works are judged to be the years’ “best of the best” by Bewildering‘s editors. … Continue reading

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Out of Sight

“No, Mommy!” protested six-year old Sarah Reid.  “It’s too scary!  People will get scared!” Beth Reid looked at her daughter’s eyes peering out from the holes cut in the old sheet.  The ghost costume was a Halloween classic and Sarah … Continue reading

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Why Do You Support Monsters?

You have to ask yourself why you support monsters.  Until you can answer this question about yourself you really don’t have the wherewithal to engage in meaningful debate. When Jesus says, “It would be better for them to be thrown … Continue reading

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Adding Velocities or; the Little Engine that Shouldn’t

I haven’t posted anything lately.  It seemed like a good time to rerun this one. If you stand at the rear of a train moving in a straight line at 60 miles per hour and you start walking forward at … Continue reading

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Another Man’s Poem

  I wish I could remember the words to another man’s poem. There’s a mountain of myrrh and the lilies where the fawns roam. But when I feel it most That old poem is just a ghost of my love … Continue reading

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Alternative Facts?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
There’s a catch phrase out and who does not love culture, politics,and words? “Alternative facts,” is the new phrase,  as in you are not entitled to your alternative facts. Au…

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