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Why Do You Support Monsters?

You have to ask yourself why you support monsters.  Until you can answer this question about yourself you really don’t have the wherewithal to engage in meaningful debate. When Jesus says, “It would be better for them to be thrown … Continue reading

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Civil War

I finally saw “Civil War,” the umpteen zillionth movie in the unendable Avengers series.  It was quite enjoyable but there was one scene in which all the that-would-never-happen-ness came to a point.  The bad guy has just explained with utmost … Continue reading

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You Got to Serve Somebody, Right?

Trigger warning.  This is an angry political rant. The parade of conservative leaders lining up to wag their tails for junkyard dog Trump while wolfing down their bowls of crow continues to grow.  If the proles and the outer party … Continue reading

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Bullies, Bullies Everywhere

Looks like I’ll have to destroy the country again. For decades I’ve been hearing that my right-wing, uptight uncool oppressive beliefs are responsible for making America the hell on earth and diversity-crushing world conqueror we all know it to be.  … Continue reading

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