H. P. Lovecraft: Where Imagination Leads

One of the perks of having literary kids is unusual and interesting dinner conversation. Lovecraft has been a topic lately so I thought I’d run this one again.

Glass Planet

One Christmas not so long ago my oldest daughter gave me two books; a New King James Bible and The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.

It’s not every day that you get such a delicious slice of the ideological spectrum plunked down in front of you in such concentrated form.  I haven’t dug deep enough to know specifically how Lovecraft regarded the Bible but his disdain for “the bland God of the Baptists,” organized religion and meddlesome religionists seeking to inflict their holy torment upon the world at large is well known.

Not that I looked at my Christmas presents as cosmic combatants.  I was happy with the Bible because it’s my favorite book for all the reasons you would expect from an evangelical Christian as well as a few you might not.  I especially like the King James even without thee and thou.  And Lovecraft is one of my…

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