Principles of Psalm Singing

There have been many questions and a few objections to the article on why the whole church should sing psalms.  In todays  follow-up article we look at the main objections and then at some further practical principles to help us Sing Psalms.

Objections to Singing Psalms

  1. They are OT – This is usually said by those who have a view of the Old Testament as some kind of pre-Christian document with little direct relevance to the NT Church.  Ironically these self-styled ‘New Testament’ Christians are going against New Testament Christianity which used the Old Testament as its Bible – they added to it but they never took away from it – and they never regarded it as a sub-Christian document.   There is also no NT replacement for the Psalms.
  2. They are hard. – So are many things in the Bible.  Are we only going to accept what we find easy…

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