A Revolutionary Question for the Evangelical Church (and the Participants at the “Sing” Conference)


There is a wonderful conference going on just now in Nashville – one that I would dearly love to be at! This could also be a revolutionary conference which may have a catalysing effect upon the whole American church.

Keith Getty’s Singwill have 7,500 participants – mainly pastors and worship leaders. It will be addressed by people such as John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, John Piper, David Platt, Ravi Zacharias, Nancy Guthrie, Ligon Duncan,  Paul Tripp, Tim Keller, Stuart Townend, Trip Lee, Shane and Shane and many others.

And the theme for this year is the Psalms.   Although I am not able to be present I hope to be able to listen in on-line. But I thought I would ask one question of my American brothers and sisters (and my English,  Irish, Australian and Scottish) which genuinely puzzles me –

Why don’t you sing psalms?

It’s a genuine question to…

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