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Civil War

I finally saw “Civil War,” the umpteen zillionth movie in the unendable Avengers series.  It was quite enjoyable but there was one scene in which all the that-would-never-happen-ness came to a point.  The bad guy has just explained with utmost … Continue reading

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The Sun Men

Begin transmission. I must report this quickly, before the next gravity surge crushes the sun station.  Will it ever be heard? Five hundred years ago, during the reign of the Third Dark Moon Prince, the first sky man transformed gravity … Continue reading

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Sunlight in an Empty Room

Before the room was empty… Joan slept with a nightstick under the pillow.  She never told the kids it was for burglars but that’s what they thought.  The older ones would catch on soon enough but by then it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Support System

“Ok George,” read the message posted on the writers’ critique site.  “I’m still waiting for your analysis of my story ‘The Rockets Go Boom!’ but here are my comments about your piece. “Given that prologues are never a good idea … Continue reading

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