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Out of Sight

“No, Mommy!” protested six-year old Sarah Reid.  “It’s too scary!  People will get scared!” Beth Reid looked at her daughter’s eyes peering out from the holes cut in the old sheet.  The ghost costume was a Halloween classic and Sarah … Continue reading

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On High

Jason Metz was sorry they’d all be dead before they were successful but that’s how the cookie of environmental science crumbled. Or maybe not.  Maybe some of the crackpot longevity studies back on Earth would turn up something and they … Continue reading

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The Long Arm

I knew better than to stop but I could not go on.  Hunger chewed like rats as I put my head down on the icy ground beneath the starless sky but at least there was no sign of her. A … Continue reading

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The Sea of Tranquility

“Where did this one come from?” Joe asked his daughter. Sophie threw back a red pigtail with a flourish and put the shell to her ear, feigning concentration.  She had amassed an impressive collection for a twelve-year-old and knew all … Continue reading

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