New Authors Who Make Way Too Much Money

In case you think it’s just me…

Dysfunctional Literacy

Title Tip #1- Take a compound word and reverse it. Title Tip #1- Take a compound word and reverse it.

Most writers struggle to make money, so it’s news when relatively unknown authors get huge advances for their debut novels.  Writers such as Stephanie Danler and  Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney have received huge advances for their recently published debut novels, Sweetbitter and The Nest.

I’ll admit, the phrase “huge advance” is subjective.  To me, if it’s enough money to live on for a while, then it’s a huge advance.

Giving out a huge advance for a debut novel is a risk for publishers.  The publishing companies want to lock down a potential money-making writer, but if the public doesn’t respond, then the company is stuck with an overpaid author.  A part of me thinks it’s impractical to give an unproven writer way too much money.

Then again, I don’t have a problem with some young writer making so much money up front.  I’m…

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