Bullies, Bullies Everywhere

Looks like I’ll have to destroy the country again.

For decades I’ve been hearing that my right-wing, uptight uncool oppressive beliefs are responsible for making America the hell on earth and diversity-crushing world conqueror we all know it to be.  Or my commitment to a socially conservative agenda and unwillingness to “bend” and vote for abortion-embracing fiscal conservatives costs the R party election after election, thereby putting the progressives in power.  I especially like it when candidates of R and their buds in conservative media whine about “purists” and “single-issue” voters while simultaneously preaching the fire and brimstone about how we MUST beat back the moral relativists of the left.  But what can you expect?  The sophisticated machinations and strategeries of the big political minds are just too much for poor little me.  If I was a team player I’d just do what they say and it would all work out, right?

This was going to be a longer post but the bottom line is I’m sick of elitists and ideological Mafiosi pushing me around for my own good.  I’m fed up with talking heads setting the conditions of patriotism.  I’ve had it with the un-American pressure to conform.

Listen up, G.O.P. and assorted high-profile “conservatives.”  I’m sick of being a scapegoat for your failures.  Our country has not repudiated the Founders because I’m too unsophisticated to follow your subtle, brilliant political schemes.  We are in this precarious condition because YOU, the self-proclaimed geniuses and guardians of the flame of liberty are lousy at making your case and incapable of formulating and implementing long-term strategies.  You are knee-jerk reactionaries focused on the next election when you should be planning for the next century.    You know, like your opponents.

You know how it’s so irritating when the left simply assumes intellectual superiority, as if the preposterous things they say and do don’t matter; they’re smarter than you?  Here’s a newsflash.  They are smarter than you.  Just ask the bearded guy in the miniskirt when he comes out of the little girls’ room at your local elementary school.  Your opponents can accomplish paradigm shifting things like that.  They make it look easy.  And you can’t stop them.  They’re flying to the moon and you can’t figure out how to start your car.

Calling me names unless I vote for whatever R candidate the cat pukes up on the carpet doesn’t make YOU any smarter.  Slavishly supporting the morally bankrupt, laughably unprepared national R party candidate does not make you an effective agent of positive change.  It just reveals your panic and desperation.

I’ve pretty much heard two inarguable, compelling reasons to support Trump. Are you ready?  Here they are.

  1. He doesn’t happen to be a registered Democrat at this particular time.
  2. Maybe just maybe he has a little fairy dust of conservatism stuck to the bottom of his shoe.  If we all wish hard enough he might not put Trotsky on the Supreme Court.  Maybe.  We really don’t know.

That’s it.  I mean, those are really the substantive reasons that are left after you cut through all the temper tantrum, stickin’ it to the Man kind of stuff.  If Trump isn’t a straw being grasped at by Republicans whistling past the graveyard then I guess we’d better redefine our cultural metaphors.

I’m not interested in grasping at straws.  If a candidate wants my vote he/she had better give me a vision to invest in, demonstrated character and the assurance that he/she at least recognizes what kind of country we’re supposed to live in.  The smart people on my side of the fence tell me to vote for Trump because we fear him a little less than Ms. Clinton.  I guess.  Maybe.  We don’t really know.  At the end of all the rhetoric his only recommendation is the R attached to his name.  Sorry but that’s not enough, not by a long shot.

This is my country and in my country people who do their best to shame, mock or otherwise browbeat you into voting their way are all members of the same club.  You’re the same as the people you’re so pathetically desperate to defeat.

It’s my vote.  They’re my principles and my convictions.

I’m not voting for Trump.  And you can take a flyin’ leap.

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3 Responses to Bullies, Bullies Everywhere

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Amen my brother. We all, as Christians, eventually need to do what our God given consciousnesses tell us to do, and not what is expedient. Well said.

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  2. madblog says:

    I have never felt so like a puppet, and it’s those supposedly on my side of the fence that are making me feel this way. The question, it seems to me, is whether I want to be a party to what the R will become and what it will do in the future. The answer is NO.

    I will not be responsible for getting this thing off the ground. More than that, I resent the putrid choices I’m being offered, and being counted on to support them. No, I won’t play.

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  3. Andrew says:

    You’ve captured MY vote (as you preach to the choir).

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