Saint Patrick Deserves Better

A great man!

Messages from the Mythical

I will not presume to educate anyone on the subject of Saint Patrick because there are real scholars about who know what’s what with much greater sophistication and depth than I.

I will admit up front that my views of Patrick are informed by little more than the account in How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill and some aimless internet reading, but my reading does include blogs by those deeper scholars of Patrick’s history.

To my mind, Patrick is a real life hero, one of the most remarkable evangelists on record, and an wildly successful social reformer.

We have his history in his own hand. And although it is not comprehensive, scholars have filled in the gaps with fair certainty. The high points:

Patrick was a young Roman Briton in the 4th century from an aristocratic family. He was kidnapped by raiders from Ireland and enslaved there for several years. He…

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