I Won’t Vote

Well, well. It’s starting to look like Republican voters have FINALLY learned from their Democratic betters. The REAL answer to the mob of leftist tyrants and their bootlicking voters is to start licking some boots of our own. Maybe if we all lick hard enough President Trump will give us lovely jumpers sporting capital “T” to wear as we pass his Mao-style portraits grimacing down at us on our way to immigrant-free jobs.

The noble Trump has made it perfectly clear that he freely, willingly offers the country that made him his ego and nothing but. There is nothing – nothing he can’t say, won’t say or hasn’t said that can damage his brand. He has yet to declare fidelity to one single conservative principle without repudiating his declaration in the next breath then claiming he never said it in the first place. He has achieved the remarkable feat of making Che wannabe Barack Obama look like a paragon of stability and statesmanship.

Among the many sad ironies of the conservative Fatal Attraction with Trump is the oft repeated rationalization that, “He’s a businessman. He understands business and therefore can run our Constitutional Republic.” Um, the Constitution is a contract, remember? Businessmen understand the importance of contracts. They’re those documents defining what you must do, may do and may not do.

The Donald’s attitude toward contracts is well known, especially marriage contracts. There is a reason we hardly ever hear the word “Constitution” come out of his mouth.

Republican voters have put a gun to their own heads and can’t wait to pull the trigger. In their apparent fit of pique over the “the establishment’s” failure to deliver what they promised they are now showing us that they never actually cared about those things in the first place. They just want to be “winners.” It is tempting to say they’re as bad as their deluded Democrat neighbors but they’re not. They’re worse. They’ve been lying all along.

If you’re so anxious to abandon the Constitution, the principles of our founding and everything it means to be an American I guess Trump is as good a standard bearer as any, especially given that nothing is written on the standard he bears. But count me out. I won’t vote for a tyrant named Clinton, a tyrant named Sanders or a tyrant named Trump.

If our gracious God has decided that our national sins have finally swamped our ship of state so be it and all praise to Him. I’ll pray for revival.

But I won’t vote for Trump.

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