What Will a Citizen Give in Exchange for His Country?

This election is not about immigration. It’s not about the economy, climate change, foreign policy or national defense. It’s not about abortion or same-sex marriage or race relations.

This election is about whether we will turn around and start the long, difficult journey back to being a constitutional republic or continue the headlong rush into free-floating, unprincipled tyranny. It really is that simple.

What do President Obama’s supporters really appreciate about him? They love the fact that he uses his mighty pen and phone to give them what they want, namely validation of their own petty resentments, tribal identity and the conviction of their own moral superiority. No pesky checks and balances for him when “doing the right thing” is at stake! Checks and balances are fine when they work in your favor but if they work against you, out upon them and good riddance! Tribe über alles. The “Union” will just have to fend for itself.

What has become of our identity as Americans, defined by the Declaration of Independence and the carefully articulated principles of the Constitution?

Why do people love Donald Trump? They love him because he promises them the heads of their enemies. As far as I know, the word “Constitution” hasn’t featured prominently in his many ramblings, much less any expression of fidelity to the principles cherished by the Founders. Should we really expect Mr. Big Deal Maker not to take advantage of the precedents set by the excesses of his predecessor? “Just kidding about all that winning stuff! I’m gonna disadvantage myself by cleaning up the IRS and cooling it on the Executive orders…”

Not the scenario I envision.

Let’s be clear. Tyranny does not mean that which I happen not to like. If you’re in sympathy with a tyrant you can be quite happy under his/her rule. Tyranny is the lawless imposition of an exclusive, restrictive agenda through the brute-force exercise of raw power. A tyrant places himself/herself above the rules of an orderly, civil society and does what he/she damn well pleases. A following among a segment of the citizenry does not erase the tyrannical nature of such actions.

It doesn’t matter if the tyrant delivers “hope and change,” “makes America great again,” balances the gender books or takes your stuff to give to me because “equality.” Every time the Constitution is kicked to the curb for the sake of “getting things done” tyranny wins and if your great hope for this election is to replace their tyrant with your tyrant then you are…

Un-American. Yeah, I said it. Americans are Americans because they are committed to a set of principles, not advantageous outcomes to be attained by any means necessary. The de-humanizing horror of government of the people, by those strong enough to impose their will, for the benefit of our side at the expense of their side is what my family and yours ran from every corner of the planet to escape. It’s why there is America.

Have you forgotten?

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5 Responses to What Will a Citizen Give in Exchange for His Country?

  1. Words of wisdom here. We live in unsettling times, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air, and our politics and our candidates make me wonder if I should laugh or cry. That exchange of one tyranny for another reminds me of that song by The Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

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  2. madblog says:

    Reblogged this on Messages from the Mythical and commented:
    I couldn’t add a word. You must read!

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  3. Tricia says:

    Oh this is fantastic! I do believe I’ve found a kindred heart here. 😉

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