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Thoughts about atheist tweets, atheist memes and atheist YouTube rants

Originally posted on WINTERY KNIGHT:
In this post, I want to show you an atheist tweet, and then contrast the atheist tweet with some scientific evidence. Look at this meme that was recently tweeted by a serious atheist: Atheists believe…

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What does the Bible have in common with William Shatner?

Originally posted on Brad R. Torgersen:
Two pieces crossed my desk this week, each of them tangentially connected to the other. Both of them discuss what I’d call the more unfortunate side-effects of adult fannishness. In the case of the…

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If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

I think I’m gonna quit blogging, at least on the overheated political/social topics of the day.  I was scrolling through my newsfeed and came across a few people from high school who I didn’t even know were on Facebook and … Continue reading

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The Whirlpool

My version of Christian speculative/fantasy fiction.  Set on the mythical planet Thal in the days of wind and sail.  From “The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea,” available on Smashwords. I know that men are like the grass of the field … Continue reading

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