Sci-unce is Stoopid


Dusted this one off because I just got a meme claiming the Catholic church is now more scientifically advanced than the Republican party because Pope Francis agrees with President Obama about global warm… excuse me, climate change.  Take that, Neanderthals!  Never mind the science of when life begins.  The “progressives” can’t get any mileage out of His Holiness on that one.  Don’t worry; they’ll be back to waving Galileo in our faces when the mood strikes.

Liberals.  Keeping church and state separate except for when it’s useful not to.

Not long ago a meme crossed my newsfeed which depicted climate change “deniers” as gun-totin’ pickup drivin’ Bible thumpin’ Cro-Magnon science haters.  Tee-hee.  I’m pretty sure they also didn’t bathe but that wasn’t specified.

Not wanting to be anti-social on social media I simply commented, “I doubt Freeman Dyson drives a pickup.”

This occasioned some confusion among the participants so I offered this link to clear things up:

It seems that 31,487 so-called scientists, including 9,029 PhDs are gun totin’ pickup drivin’ etc. science haters just like our comical unsanitary Bible thumpers.  Well known yokels like Freeman Dyson and the late Edward Teller have been turning a blind eye to the absolutely plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face undeniable proofs amassed by experts like Al Gore and children’s science popularizer Bill Nye in a brazen effort to fill church pews where we can all pray as the earth bakes.  Or something like that.

No wonder the political wing of the climate change movement demands that all skeptics be branded “deniers.”  It makes reasoned debate so much easier, you see.

The point is not to push yea or nay on the issue of global climate change.  Let the titans do the heavy lifting; that’s what they’re paid for.  My only point is that skepticism about man made climate change is firmly rooted in sound science.  Serious researchers have concluded that human activity is having an adverse effect on Earth’s climate.  Other serious researchers question that conclusion and offer evidence and arguments in support of their position.  Seems like a pretty straightforward situation to me.  I don’t know how many scientists have actually weighed in on the issue but it strikes me that over 31,000 in America alone is not an insubstantial number of dissents from the orthodoxy.  And, I’m sorry but a long respected Freeman Dyson at the end of an illustrious career trumps a still climbing Neil deGrasse Tyson if only because he’s not a popularizer and doesn’t have to give a rat’s behind what academia or corporate sponsors think.

Of course, the response to my modest little point is that there will always be a tiny, insignificant minority of half-wits who just don’t get it like “we” do.  Dissenting PhDs can’t possibly grasp the intricacies of the scientific methodologies they work with every day the way drive-by meme posters can.  Nothing like a little handwavium to shore up denial of inconvenient realities but it does beg the question:

Why are the climate change brown shirts afraid of science?  And why do they want you to be afraid of science too?

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