Being Bullies

Messages from the Mythical

In our nation, a woman has an unqualified, unlimited legal right to abort the baby she is carrying. Her decision to abort her child is not subject to any review or question whatsoever, except those to which she chooses to subject them herself. Her right is to make that decision for any reason, for “good” reasons or for a whim; and no one has a legal right to apply any pressure at all to change her mind. In a less-than-desirable-case scenario, any woman may abort her child for any subjective reason, and that reason is totally personal and no one else’s business.

We have arrived here because we want to be thought of as compassionate people. Far be it from us to condemn a poor woman to raise a child she did not plan for. Far be from me to expect a woman to postpone her personal plans in order to carry and bear a child…

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