I Am Officially Against Genocide

I Am Officially Against Genocidde

Messages from the Mythical

Is there a way to say it with less hyperbole?  I don’t think we can afford to be diplomatic anymore.

There is no difference between a community which ignores the concentration camps in its backyard and the community which ignores the Planned Parenthood offices on its Main Street.

Many people believed that the German people were complicit in the genocide of millions of Jews and other “undesirables” because they knew about the camps in their own countryside but did nothing, said nothing in protest. They rationalized it away, they put it out of their minds.

We all know what they do at Planned Parenthood. There is a genocide being carried out every single day there. It’s the extermination of a race of human beings.  The “race” is not of an ethnic type; the victims are identified by their age and their weakness. They have no power to defend themselves and no protectors are permitted…

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