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Emanuel AME

Originally posted on Messages from the Mythical:
I think I know how those Bible-study attenders felt as Dylann Roof sat with them for about an hour, up til the moment their attacker pulled out a gun. Except for what followed, the experience of the poor victims is a…

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Narratives versus facts

Originally posted on Brad R. Torgersen:
The unfortunate case of Rachel Dolezal is another reminder that narratives cannot survive without facts. It doesn’t matter how fervently you believe the narrative, nor how effectively you proselytize the narrative to others, if…

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Her Scarlet Fingers, Her Amber Eyes

Reposting a piece of fiction.  Hope you like it. I always thought it was odd the way the pilgrims used to celebrate.  Once or twice a year they would arrive, winding through the valley along the banks of the little … Continue reading

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The Moon is Far Away

In December of 1968 scientists flew to the moon and read the Bible to every human being on Earth who was able to hear them.  They asked God to bless all the people on “the good Earth.” We do not … Continue reading

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