Nah We Don’t Have an Agenda

Truth in Palmyra


Really, you silly Christians, we have no agenda. The only thing we want is for you all to quit running around imposing your self on us. Oh, and by the way? We don’t hate God either. Silly Christian, he doesn’t exist. Next I am going to hit the streets and protest the Easter Bunny. Signed…Atheist.

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One Response to Nah We Don’t Have an Agenda

  1. Andrew says:

    I LOVE the logo on that guy’s shirt !

    I offer selected stanzas from my recent original poem “Freethinkers Unchained”:

    Men of Reason: bold, progressive
    hammer wielders, depth resounders –
    shout from the helm your Godless missive
    as our Bible-lifeboat flounders.

    Send that Flying Spaghetti Monster
    (our imaginary friend)
    to the myth-conception dumpster:
    let the Bronze Age folktales end.

    Make the idols bow to Science.
    Your progressive task: to mock –
    seek that end in brave defiance.
    Down with the shepherd’s useless flock !

    read the whole thing here:

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