Secularists Are Weird

See, there's this thing called biology...

I have read so much about churchian woes and the horrors of organized religion today, that for some variety I think we should just blame secularism for a change.

Uhg, secularists are such hypocrites! Look at those weirdos over there with their hands all up in the air chanting their weird slogans like a bunch of mindless sheep, a chicken in every pot.  It’s a new day in America! Bread and circuses! Who writes this crap? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Sounds like the rantings of a bunch of Bronze Age goat herding lunatics to me. Look at those people fainting at political rallies like a bunch of mindless sheep.

Good heavens, I hope people don’t indoctrinate their children with this garbage.

Imagine there’s no secularism. No government above me, no people below me. Imagine all the people living in harmony…

Secularism is responsible for all the…

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