The Relentless Quest for World Domination

God is an excuse to subjugate those whose beliefs are different from yours, whatever your beliefs might be.  Summation of numerous blog comments by atheists.

About two miles from my house is a Catholic church, school and convent which have been empty for several years.  The parish merged with a larger parish due to the declining interest in things Catholic.  I recently heard from a neighbor that the facilities had been taken over by a pastor and a group of lay volunteers for the purpose of ministering to intellectually challenged adults.  As if they weren’t doing enough damage already, what with going to Mass and praying the Rosary!

Christ has opened yet another front in the never ending quest for world domination.  Be warned!

Of course, we evangelicals have our own missions to carry out.  My church is involved with local urban ministries providing food, clothing, education, addictions counseling and job training in blighted areas.  We support a local crisis pregnancy center offering free services to those who need them.  We are doctrinally quite conservative.  My sister is in leadership at another church known for its liberal approach to theology, yet a number of their ministries cover similar territory to ours.

Catholic.  Conservative Protestant.  Liberal Protestant.  All with their propaganda outlets where the poor in spirit and weak of mind are subjugated and bullied to lobotomize themselves with the spike and hammer of the God delusion.

Surely our atheist freedom fighters understand that prayer at graduations and fights over hundred year old monuments on public property are the diversions we use to keep them tied up while we undermine their utopia by living holy lives and doing good works?  They need to wake up to what we’re really about or we will roll over them like a Panzer division.  Stalin famously asked how many divisions the Pope has.   He should’ve paid closer attention to our peculiar brand of warfare.  Atheist Soviet dictators are extinct as a species but there’s still a Pope and he’s getting good press.

Not even the most brilliant, tactically savvy atheist militants fully grasp the magnitude of the threat they oppose.  If the delusional followers of the imaginary God are ever permitted to realize their ancient dream of a world dominated by Christ the consequences would be, dare we say it, apocalyptic.  Humanity as it is presently recognized would be transformed into something unrecognizable.    People will be loving their neighbors as they love themselves and doing unto others as they would have others do unto them.  There will be no end of caring for the poor, husbands loving their wives, children honoring their parents.  The place will be lousy with justice and mercy; Christ will settle for nothing less.  The simple command to “Get wisdom” will be obeyed without question.

So step up your game, freedom-loving atheists!  Save us from this crazy God!  If you fail in your age old mission the Lamb of God will cover the earth with His love.  Then where will we be?

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9 Responses to The Relentless Quest for World Domination

  1. Wally Fry says:

    That was amazing! You gonna take some hits, though. Gird your loins, the A Team attack is imminent!

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  2. Well said and such timely words, too.

    Imagine there’s no….Christians. There goes our food bank, homeless shelter, mash program, soup kitchen. There goes all the people who have reached out to me over my lifetime and here comes a dystopian future where people are valued based on nothing more than productivity and cost effectiveness.

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  3. I hope you’re not implying that atheists don’t volunteer or give to charity.


  4. madblog says:

    Really…what is taking us so long?

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  5. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    “God is an excuse to subjugate those whose beliefs are different from yours, whatever your beliefs might be”

    I too have been reflecting a lot lately on how much this very sort of sentiment is so often put forth by the “New Atheists”, I suppose because such an idea really is just SO very flimsy, in so many demonstrable ways. I do acknowledge that there are a few “soft spots”, particularly in the realm of modern American evangelicalism, which the atheists have exploited quite successfully (and in some ways, understandably) that I do believe we as Bible-obedient Christians need to be willing to stand up and address, dismantle the many myths and misappropriations of Jesus’ words that have been allowed to occur within many of our tax-exempt institutional church walls…


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