The Moon Landing Conspiracy

See, there's this thing called biology...

There are some people who believe the moon landing was faked and not all are crazy either. There’s some fairly intelligent arguments to be made. As conspiracies go however, it is not my first priority. I’m still trying to figure out who shot JFK.

I joke about the moon landing a lot, mostly because my mother believes it was faked…..that and Charles Manson was framed. I learned very young that if my mother believed something, the precise opposite was probably true. Irrational way to arrive at a conclusion I suppose, but I am now fairly certain the moon landing really happened and Manson is genuinely a psychopath.

I did miss this bit of information about the moon landing however, and found it kind of interesting. The first thing Buzz Aldrin did before setting foot on the moon was to take communion and read a chapter from John. He had brought…

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