The weather prophets know we’re doomed in 50 years but they can’t read the signs that are literally right in front of their faces…

Messages from the Mythical

Here is another helpful reminder to live in fear:

Global warming could make blizzards worse

This (opinion) report’s context is that, since you are experiencing Snowmaggedon, you must remember that humans like you have caused the climate to grow warmer, one thing leads to another, and another thing leads to another, and so on, and therefore you will get killer storms. We know how every variable will act upon the all the other variables, and the outcome is certain. Like this storm here, see?

So what do we say now that most of us are waking up to about an inch of snow?

Why do we firmly believe these same people have predicted not only the weather 50 years into the future, but its effect on the planet’s geography, oceanography, agriculture, human health, ETC.  There are vastly more unknowns and variables involved.

“‘ We also know that ocean surface temperatures off the U.S. east…

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