Don’t Question Me!

Recently a good friend of mine posted some comments on a Facebook page called Not Voting for Anyone Except Pro-Choice Candidates.  Here’s the link in case you’d like to like/follow/friend:

The comments were prompted by a charmingly retrogressive meme featuring a coat hanger and blood and proudly proclaiming that Roe vs. Wade was the END of women DYING from abortions.

Here’s the point.  After a few fairly tame exchanges with some of the pro-choice participants all pro-life comments were expunged.  The pro-choicers couldn’t hang so they pretended there were no pro-lifers on the field.  The exchange never happened.  The geriatric straw men of oppressive old religion, liberating science and god-like personal autonomy stood intact and unchallenged.   A simple, thought provoking discussion about one of the great moral issues of our time was sandblasted down to a pristine wilderness of feminist crone self-talk echoing across the ever-shrinking closed system of liberal thought.  There was NO dissent.

What are we to make of such an adolescent display?

Surely the decrepit propagandists of death don’t believe their penny-ante shell game of rationalization proceeds from intellectual rigor?  They can’t actually believe that, can they?  They’re the smart ones?  The energized, truth-embracing agents of positive change?  And they wither at the expression of an opinion and can’t answer a few basic questions?  They don’t shrink from the slaughter of harmless babies but words send them scrambling for cover?  What gives?

I’ll tell you what gives.  They built their philosophical house upon the sand.  There is no justification for the atrocities they promote and they know it.  So they’re reduced to pretending.  They pretend that children are anything but children.  They pretend to understand science.  They pretend there is no reasonable objection to ripping children limb from limb.

As Philip K. Dick pointed out reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.  When a child closes his eyes he doesn’t vanish no matter how much he believes he does.  It’s fun for the adults to play along, knowing that someday soon the harmless misunderstanding will correct itself.

It’s long past time for the adults among us to stop playing along.  Silence and its devious twin brother “moderation” (sure I think it’s wrong but…) leave just as many dead children in their wake as full support.  Regardless of your views about God, judgment and individual moral responsibility someday, somehow each of us will be called to account.  History never numbers those who keep their mouths shut in times of moral crisis among the virtuous.

Here’s the bottom line.  The choice made by a woman exercising her right to choose is nothing more complicated than one person choosing to kill another.  In rushes the flood of how dare you! and who do you think you are! and what about this, that and the other?  What doesn’t rush in is a credible denial of the statement.  There are half-hearted attempts at convenient definitions of personhood or assertions that we can’t know when a zygote/fetus/”potential” person crosses the magical threshold into the land of humanity, as if that makes it all right to scald them with chemicals or shred them with curettes.  Call me crazy but if I was inventing abortion rights my first priority would be a rock solid assurance that people weren’t being killed.

The pro-choice movement needs no such assurance.  They jump right over that little obstacle by pretending that unborn people are “blobs of tissue” with no value beyond that assigned by the mother.   When inconvenient questions are asked they insult our intelligence with the radar deflecting chaff of science says this and science says that and science says shut up!  They don’t have a straight answer.  If the questions persist they close their eyes and pretend there are no questions.

We can’t afford to close our eyes.  Reality is millions of dead children and counting.  They won’t go away no matter who stops believing in them.


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3 Responses to Don’t Question Me!

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Just saw you commenting over on IBs Blog. Yes, you missed quite a conversation there LOL. Read this post…well said. You know, I used to be very pro choice..knew all the standard arguments. God pretty much straightened me out on the subject…His view on the subject seems crystal clear to me. My view literally changed almost overnight. Thanks for a great post and I look forward to reading more!


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