The Gas Chamber in The Forest

Messages from the Mythical

One has only to listen to Nazi war criminals to see the evil that can be accomplished by beauracracy.

To the committed Nazis, the worst possible fault was inefficiency. Inefficiency made them ashamed. Industrial methodical systematic extermination of 12,000 human beings each day was a good work if done efficiently with a white linen uniform and boots shined like mirrors.

Gas chambers in the primeval forest.

All of them, when captured, excused themselves for two reasons:

We didn’t think about it. It was a process to be performed.

It was orders. There were many superiors above me and others below me.The organization simply functioned. I am not to blame.

Everyone could pass blame to someone else and no one was responsible.This is the defining feature of all beauracracy.

Do we truly want more beaureacratic structure anywhere? In our churches?

Of course, faceless beauracracy was not the sole cause. There was another factor in the Nazi’s astonishing…

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